Christmas's True Message

Christmas's True Message


Companies that want to give back to their communities over Christmas have to decide where their gifts can leave the greatest impact. A smart way to give back is to support community groups who are trying to help build trust, nurture and inspire the less fortunate. Especially among children, future generations.

Morgan Sindall Professional Services (MSPS), based in Basel, believes the Mobile Youth (Mjabasel) is one of these groups. The Mobile Youth Group supports young people who are poorly integrated into society (e.g. due to crime or unemployment) providing various projects and outdoor activities throughout the city. The program fosters trust and confidence building amongst those involved. The Mobile Youth Group uses bicycles to coordinate these activities. These bicycles are an instrument of union between generations, acting as a beacon for those who need guidance or have lost their way. 
Morgan Sindall sincerely supports these efforts for young people in need of guidance. Each teenager helped means a lot for the community for they are our future and we believe they deserve our support as community and as a local business.

Would you like to know more about the initiatives of Mobile Jugendarbeit Basel und Riehen?

We wish all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!