Integrated Asset Life Cycle Management with Morgan Sindall

Integrated Asset Life Cycle Management with Morgan Sindall


The demand for integrated services grows continuously, Asset Life Cycle Management (ALCM) is no exception.

Often investment decisions regarding new assets are solely based on acquisition and commissioning costs, this offers a very limited perspective. As a plant generates costs during maintenance, operation and decommissioning as well. These costs often exceed the acquisition costs. ALCM considers investment costs and subsequent costs holistically in order to maximise the assets economic benefits.

With our Perfect Delivery Philosophy we offer comprehensive project solutions. This means, we ensure cost-efficient operability of plants through low maintenance costs and high plant reliability right from the design and planning stage.  
To ensure this process we provide know-how of efficient and effective asset management processes (Early Asset Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Reliability Engineering etc.). Morgan Sindall has already implemented Asset Life Cycle Management in various projects and site engineering contracts. With growing demands of ALCM services the expectations of customers increase to have a competent partner with comprehensive knowledge of ALCM best practices.

As a planning office we generate and capture various data starting from the project plan (design data, qualification, supplier data, installation data etc.). Most of those are life cycle data which are crucial for a databased Asset Management for our customers. Therefore we plan using IT systems to structure and make the data accessible and useable for our customers. With this expertise combined with our know-how in ALCM processes we support customers in digitalising and modernising their asset management (e.g. mobile maintenance, smart maintenance).

Our services are oriented toward the various phases of an asset life cycle. From the procurement of plants we do design reviews with maintenance employees in order to ensure proper accessibility to the plant components for maintenance purposes as well as to create FMECA (Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis) based maintenance plans. During the operation phase of the plant we determine causes for reoccurring system failures to increase plant availability. Furthermore, we evaluate the current ALCM processes of our customers with industrial benchmarks in order to show potential improvements. Our decommissioning projects are in compliance with HSE and QA regulations.

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